What is Walk With?

Walk With is an online training tool for family, welfare, health and community support workers. We’ve designed it to be an interesting and affirming orientation to the world of disaster recovery.

The Practice Model & Supporting Structures.

Walk With comprises of two comprehensive courses, where The Practice Model will teach individuals the tools for ‘on the ground’ support and assistance to those impacted by disaster. Then, through Supporting Structures, organisations can move toward being disaster ready through business continuity, team well-being and collaboration across the disaster response network.

What users have said about the Walk With resource

“This would be great to use before the next time a flood comes”.

“It was really user-friendly and had some great information which reminded me that I know more about disaster recovery than I realised.”

“I can see how we could use this as training for volunteers.  I think it is great and provides us with fantastic material to work with.”

“The resource is great in helping me to think about how the work I do can be adapted to disasters.”

“It was beautiful and in spite of the focus on disasters I felt like the design encouraged calm and building confidence rather than panic.”

Course Information

Walk With course information

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