You have completed Course 2 – Supporting Structures.

In this course we really focused on ways to strengthen the disaster resilience of your organisation…..and your community

  • You have awareness of the benefits and challenges in building relationships with your local emergency services
  • You have the confidence to provide psychosocial support to your community within a strengths framework – focusing on capacity while working in the problem saturated disaster recovery environment
  • You have the knowledge and skills to start conversations -in and outside of your organisation- that trigger the development of disaster resilience plans and activities
  • You have increased your knowledge of NSW disaster emergency management.  You know more about what is activated (at a state and local level) if a natural disaster is declared in your community/region.
  • You have the knowledge and tools to maintain core service delivery while providing support to people impacted by emergency or disaster
  • You have the knowledge and skills to start conversation across your community sector with a focus on local disaster recovery coordination and collaboration.

Great Job……..Well done!