‘Being With’

When people are in a heightened emotional state it can be challenging for them to be able to think clearly and to feel safe and secure. In these situations, people usually find it really helpful to have the supportive presence of a calm, emotionally attuned helper.

Being With

Being with is the type of presence that we bring to our interactions with others. Being with brings – lots of listening, lots of focused attention, acceptance, honesty, lots of just being there and being present. When you are being with someone – particularly someone who is facing big struggles and challenges, you are giving them unspoken messages of support, hope and faith. When you are being with someone, you quietly give them permission to feel whatever they are feeling, to take the time that they need to process their pain and their struggle, to be their most vulnerable selves so that they can connect with the support that others can provide. Being with people can help them shift to a more “regulated” emotional place. They are then better able to manage strong emotions and think a little more clearly about their next steps.